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4 Easy Things You Should Plant Right Now

Research has shown that fruit and berries grown organically have much better vitamin and mineral content than store-bought. You and your health can immediately benefit from this fact by planting some fruits and berries in your back plot right now, or at least ordering them.  Here is an article and a study showing how much better organically grown (home-grown) can be for you.

You can order right now from a reputable plant nursery and they will deliver the plants to you at just the right time for planting during the season. Some things can be planted now, the rest can be made comfortable on your estate in the spring.

In no other way can you take control of what you and your family eat than by actually planting and growing your own food. Believe me, I'm pretty busy being a full-time , father, doctor, county commissioner; you do have time to do this!

As food prices continue to increase, it makes more and more sense to grow you own delicious healthy food.  Here are five choices that are easy, inexpensive and will soon help you give your family the food they love and deserve.
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1. Blueberry bushes - Very easy to plant and care for.  10 minutes of reading will make you a local expert on the care and growing of blueberries.  You will sometimes get a few blueberries the same year your plant, and will definitely get to eat some home-grown berries the second year.  With a little care, this bush will give your family tasty little blue packets of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals for years to come.

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2. Raspberries - Very easy to plant and care for.  10 minutes of reading will make you an expert on this tasty berry.  You will be able to eat tasty berries the very first year you plant these beauties, and for years to come.  Each year, new brambles will sprout up around your first plant, giving you more berries each year for free!

3. Strawberries - Very easy to plant and care for.  5 minutes of reading will make you the neighborhood expert. These little garden friends will give you red, delicious berries the first year you plant them.  And, in the summer these plants send out little shoots that will make a new strawberry plant for free!  So your first purchase of strawberry plants could be you last.

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One or two?
4. Apple tree - Easy to plant and care for. Nothing gives such a sense of satisfaction as resting in the shade of a tree you planted.  These small trees are a little more challenging than their berry-cousins, but still quite easy for most folks.  Expect to enjoy your own home-grown apples 2-3 years after planting, and for decades to come.    As long as you only have a few trees there is very little work in caring for these pie-makers.

5. Peach tree - Fairly easy to plant and care for.  Few things in life are as succulent as the first bite if a sun-ripe peach.  A little reading and practice is all it takes to have a couple of productive peach trees in your back yard.  In 2 or 3 years you could be wowing your neighbors with fresh peaches. 

There are hundreds of YouTube videos on planting and caring fore these fruit and berry-making machines; most are enjoyable and some are hilarious!    With a little practice and patience, you will be providing your family tasty top-notch nutrition from your own back yard.  Home-grown fruit and berries are cheaper, and better for you, and the taste can't be beat.  I'll be posting pictures in the future of my own little fruit and berry producers.  You can go to our facebook page and post pictures of yours as well.  Happy planting.

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  1. Ken, I really enjoyed reading this article on fruits and berries. I love "good" information on nutritious things for us to eat or snack on. Will look forward to getting such information every day.