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Home Grown has More Vitamins!

 Years ago doctors would tell you that you get all the vitamins you need from the food you eat.  They considered it a silly waste of money to take vitamin supplements.  Today, many health/nutrition authorities are sure the old guys were sorely misguided. 

Now, it seems that both are/were right; it is possible in decades past that crops grown with the old methods had measure-ably more vitamins and minerals in them than today's Corporation-Grown Franken-Fruits.

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A new study of organically grown (the your great-great grandparents used to do it) versus modernly grown strawberries shows very reliably that strawberries grown the old-fashioned way (in real dirt, fed with lots of manure, and no chemicals) have more vitamins and antioxidants than strawberries grown the modern way (lots of chemicals, hormones, fertilizers and pesticides).  The home-grown strawberries also looked, felt and tasted better than the chemically tweaked variety. 

 It is easy to infer from this that organic gardening would not only yield better strawberries, but better produce of every kind, produce that is actually packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, just like in the good old days.  So, that old country doctor from our childhood may have been right.

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It is very possible that you could get all the vitamins and minerals you need from the properly grown foods in your diet.  Obviously, any doctor of today who opines this same theory about foods grown by the giant Agri-Companies really needs to brush up on his study of nutrition, and gardening.

So today's take-home message is, either grow your own, or buy it from someone you trust to grow it properly; it has now been proven to make a difference.  I'm sure that many a grand-parent and old country doctor are nodding their head as they read this; and will say "I told you so!"  The way your food is grown actually matters to your health and the health of your family.

Berries of all varieties are packed with energy-giving nutrients and health-protecting antioxidants; you can grow your own with very little cost and minimal effort, your family will love the taste and appreciate the nutrition.  My two favorite books on how to do it yourself can be found here and here.

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