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Small Town Medicine

I always dreamed of the big city.  I seems Human Nature will have us dream of things we have never experienced; only to discover that reality is often less thrilling than the dream.  Having received most of my medical training in the big city I'll have to say I was quite ready to return to the small town to practice medicine.
Country Doctors Casebook: Tales from the North Woods (Midwest Reflections)
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 Practicing medicine in a big city entails a certain degree of preening and fawning in front of more prominent alpha-Doctors.  For it seems that big impressive words are much more important than leaving a patient with a good understanding of what is actually the matter with their health. 

Often, it seems that a patient of mine will return from a visit to a big-city specialist without a clue as to their diagnosis, prognosis, and more generally, just what the hell the guy meant to say at all.  I found myself having to explain their condition in Plain Words, the implications of it, and what they could actually do about the situation to either make it better, or just make it seem better.

An Incomplete Education: 3,684 Things You Should Have Learned but Probably Didn't
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 So I figured there might be others out there who had just returned from the specialist - or even worse, their own doctor - wondering just what the hell the guy had been talking about.  Did he actually use the words positive predictive value in their very quick pseudo-conversation?  Had they really been expected to understand what an endarterectomy was?

In this blog you will find my attempts to explain just what doctors mean by the big words they say, and how, by living and eating properly, you can avoid many a doctor visit...

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