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What is RelayHealth.com?

Hello again,

I have been asked the title question a few hundred times now in the office, so I thought I'd explain what RelayHealth.com is and how it can help you save time and even money.

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RelayHealth.com is a web-based service I have been a member of for a few years now and it allows you, the patient, to make/change/cancel appointments, request lab and xray results and even have a patient/doctor visit with yours-truly, all online from any computer in the world.  To some people this seems a little unusual, to others it is the best thing since see-through windows

Let's say that you have had a "cold" for 4-5 days and instead of it getting better, it seems to be morphing into a painful sinus infection.  Your choices at this point are:
  • suffer at home and hope it gets better
  • drag yourself off the couch, make yourself presentable, trudge to the office and hand over that co-pay
  • go to the E.R. and wait hours and pay thousands (please don't do this!)
  • sign on to Relayhealth.com, enter some simple medical history, initiate a Web-Visit with your doctor, then sit back and relax.  Before the end of the next business day you will have received a reply from me (yes it's really me!), along with an attached prescription, should you need one, that you can forward to the pharmacy of your choice.  A quick trip to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy drive-thru and your are now at a happy, healing place.  Keep in mind, you just had a visit with your personal doctor that probably cost less than your co-pay, and you did it all in your boxer-shorts (I doubt the lady at the pharmacy window noticed!)
RelayHealth.com is great for any non-life-threatening medical condition that is probably going to require a prescription to get better.  You are far too busy to have to sit and wait at my office for such things as a bladder infection, sinus infection, yeast infection, minor bronchitis, stop-smoking medicine, refills on some medicines, etc.

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Another great use for RelayHealth.com is for busy people who take chronic medication that requires routine labwork.  Lets say you take something for High Blood Pressure, or High Cholesterol and you are on your last refill.  Now I am going to require that you come in for routine blood-work to make sure your liver and kidneys are happy with the medicine we have been using, but what if you are just too busy to make it to the office this month?  Or what if you are in Utah visiting your Aunt Hattie?  Simple, just log onto RelayHealth.com and explain the situation in a Web-Visit and a month's refill will soon be on its way, and we'll see you in the office next month.

Instead of sitting in the office (I promise we do everything we can to decrease your wait!) just to ask me some questions you have about your condition, or the medicine you take or a new therapy you read about on your favorite website, you can ask me all those things and receive a written response from yours-truly before the end of the next business day.  Oh, and did I mention you could do all this while lounging in your boxers?

Ok, ok, you get the point.  Your good health is what we work for and we always love to see you in the office, but if you'd rather, you always have your doctor 24/7 at RelayHealth.com.  You have to have been seen at least once in the office by me or Ms Kristin (our very smart and sweet FNP) in order to use RelayHealth.  Please tell your friends they don't have to sit in the doctor's office for waaaaay too long any more...
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You can email this to a friend any friend who would benefit from this info by clicking the little envelope icon () just below...

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