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OMG - Chocolate Really is Good for You!

Here is some great news for you!  A recent letter from a researcher published in the November issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed some information that every woman and most men in the country will be quite happy to hear.  Get ready for this - wait for it... - OK. are you ready?

Eating chocolate every day has been shown beyond any doubt to be good for you!!!  This is not someones opinion, or an educated guess, this is factual information gleaned from a 5 year study of over twelve hundred women.  We have no reason to think that these findings do not apply to men as well, but the study was all women.  No before you go hog-wild over and over-dose on the brownies, let's think this through...

Although eating some chocolate every day is unquestionably good for you, the extra calories you get from eating chocolate in the wrong form can erase the benefits.  Most researchers agree the benefits from chocolate stem from micro-nutrients contained in the cocoa.  Therefore, you want to eat a chocolate that has a high percentage of cocoa in a low-calorie package, like this, or this, or this.  That way you get all the good health, and yummy chocolate goodness, without all the extra calories of a full desert.  And, it's quite possible that having some chocolate each day will decrease those cravings you have from time to time.  If you would just love to have some deserts containing chocolate that are still fairly healthy, here is a good book and another good book.

So enjoy your chocolate every day and the good health it brings!

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