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CoQ10 is Proven to Decrease Migraines

A recent small study conducted at University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland has shown that taking Co-Q-10 100mg three times daily reduced migraine frequency.  I love it that again we find that a natural substance can help prevent a chronic problem that otherwise you might end up having to take medicine to prevent.

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Now don't expect to never have another migraine if you start taking Co-Q-10 faithfully; expect a decrease in how often you get those blasted headaches, and a decrease in how many days are ruined per month.  From someone who formerly suffered from migraines, I can tell you that having two headaches per month instead of four per month is a big deal.

The great news is that many migraine sufferers could also use the other health benefits offered by Co-Q-10.  Its benefits for the heart and other organs have been proclaimed far and wide.  While this study tested 100mg three times daily, you might benefit a little more from four times daily without any problem.

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A Good Book
I firmly believe that migraines are made more likely by eating junk food.  With the New Year upon us, now would be a great time to begin to slowly change your diet in more natural ways.  One by one, you can eliminate junk items from your diet; you can start with these three.

This study gives migraneurs one more bullet for their gun in preventing and/or eliminating those terrible migraines from their life.  If taking Co-Q-10 with each meal caused you to skip two migraine attacks each month, how much happier would you be?



  1. Thanks Dr. Berry. I have not heard of Co-Q-10 before and would like to try it. Good article. Thanks for visiting and reading my article on lavender and migraine.

  2. Thanks. I just love it when folks can fix problems with natural solutions.