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"No, No; Eggs are Good for You!"

Rarely has a politician or a criminal gotten more bad press than has one of the best natural foods you can eat.  Every day I find myself correcting the wrong-assumption among patients that eggs are bad and should be avoided.  Patients will proudly proclaim their dietary success with, "I have cut way back on eggs!"  To this I try to remain calm and therapeutic, and gently explain how they have been deluded.

Study after study and even the Harvard School of Public Health have failed to show any link at all between egg consumption and heart disease, which is the proposed bad outcome from having high cholesterol.  But, somehow the Media has just not been able to educate the public concerning this great news...

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Chickens have been Turning Bugs into Breakfast for millennia! There is no more natural a way to get the protein, vitamins, minerals and fat that you need every day than to eat eggs.  But, while blindly buying eggs from the grocer in sexy little cartons with their own little egg-tattoos (EB) is better than nothing, there is a much better ways to get nutrition from eggs, and help your local economy.

Mother Earth News has a great article on the awesome value of properly raised chickens and the eggs they lay here; the chart of their findings is here.  M.E.N. wisely writes, "The conventional egg industry wants very much to deny that free-range/pastured eggs are better than eggs from birds kept in crowded, inhumane indoor conditions."   Don't be surprised that corporations would play fast and loose with word-definitions; they are in business to make a profit for their share-holders, not to make nutritious breakfast for your family.  The noble hen needs no help from corporate scientists, who tweak her genes and diet, she has been doing quite well a creating her eggs for millenia...  

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The absolute best place to get your eggs is from your own back yard. By having a few hens (rooster optional) in your back yard you are suddenly a very powerful person. Like magic, you are now in control of your own food supply. You decide what goes into your chicks and thus what goes onto your family's plate. There is no longer a Multi-National Corporation between you and your food. Never forget; chickens make food, corporations make profit.

The next best place to get your eggs is from an elderly neighbor who loves their chickens and wants them to be happy; someone like my great grand-mother. She owned, cared for, and loved about forty "Dommi-necker" hens well into her 80's. She babied this flock and allowed them to roam happily on about 5 acres, and morning sunshine would rise over her depression-hardened face every time she sold a dozen precious eggs to a neighbor.

 Little did she know that she was handing that neighbor one of the best sources of protein and minerals on the planet; twelve little orbs of energized health-goodness. Her chicks ate about 75% bugs, grass and table-scraps, and 25% corn and layer-pellets.  Not only was her poultry-outfit humane to a fault, it was also the ideal nutritional setup, and a great example of how local economics can be quite powerful.

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We have a small flock of hens in our backyard and they require about 10 minutes of care daily (much of which can be automated), while providing us with about 5 dozen eggs weekly.  You can find many blogs about doing this yourself and I promise you it is lots of fun, very rewarding, and very easy for most anyone.  Many books will also give you everything you need to grow your own breakfast; you'll see one above and to the left.

So, please spread the word that eggs are good for you, and properly grown eggs are great for you.  Frankly, I'm getting hoarse from the lonely effort!
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  1. Interesting article on how the hen's diet affects the eggs: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/08/110802162807.htm

    And an interesting article on antioxidants in eggs: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/07/110706093900.htm