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Food Stamps for Multi-Vitamins?

Pomology Women's Daily Multivitamin Tablets, 120-count BottleDid you know that folks on Food Stamps cannot use their monthly funds to buy an age-appropriate multi-vitamin, but they can use them to buy the Lucky Charms, Twinkies and 3-Liter Cokes?

Who thinks this is a good idea?



  1. Anonymous22 May, 2011

    This would be an incredibly difficult task. Multivitamin companies would all throw millions at this instantly to make sure they are "approved" and can be bought through the various welfare programs. And the bureaucrats would eventually implement the plan in a way that might not even actually portray the original intentions of the policy. Then senators would do everything in their power to make sure the vitamin from their state is also "approved".

    It's a big mess. How about we just don't have welfare?

  2. So you're saying that if the federal government got I involved with supplement there would be immediate double-dealing and obfuscation?

    I agree! Just pointing out a bit of bureaucratic foolishness.

  3. OMGosh!! Sure hope you don't need social services someday! NO wonder they signed in as anonymous!!!

  4. Jonathon Berry15 June, 2011

    @ToXic Blonde

    Your post absolutely has nothing to do with anything discussed here, which as a matter of fact, is a major problem with many modern public policy initiatives once they're actually passed. Plus, I'm not discussing "social services", as I clearly emphasized the whole "welfare" thing.

    And I would advise you to login as anonymous rather than "TOXIC OMGLOL BLONDE". It kind of removes any credibility you could have had.

  5. I think it's disgusting when I'm waiting in a grocery line and I see the person ahead of me with a cart full of soda, potato chips, cookies, donuts, white bread, and sugary cereals paying with a link card. I just want to say that food stamps should be used for "FOOD" not garbage!!

  6. Actually, we would be better off without welfare. Only because it teaches a way of life rather than temporarily helping out. I was a E.W.J. not long ago and a man bought a candy bar with that good ole American Flag card... and got back $5 cash from it. He said that he had to get his prescriptions with it... 2 things though... this was on a Sunday after 6 (no-one open in Camden) and then he walked out and walked back in the store to buy his cigs!

    Most people taking welfare don't care about they're bodies anyway... so the point of this original blog is moot.

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  8. Ouch, I hope most of the comments that were so mean about poor people never have the misfortune of being poor or losing a job or becoming disabled. I am sure they also consider themselves "good" church going folks, but then that is a whole different conversation. Actually, I think that ANY program that helps people stay healthy is a good way to save tax payer's money. What happen to an ounce of prevention and an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Sorry Dr. Berry, I am sure you would love to see less patients if it means they are healthy, and would rather deal with people that have non life threatening issues. Wouldn't it be better if people could afford healthy foods like fresh veggies and lean meat? Instead of subsidising fast food, big ag and processed food corps such as ConAG, shouldn't we be subsidising in our society in eating healthier foods, and maybe instead of waiting for Insurance companies to pay on claims after unhealthy eating and pay for education on proper nutrients. We are one of the richest countries in the world, yet more than half of it's citizens are low income, yes, that was released this past Friday. Why is getting a fast food burger and fried foods cheaper than buying healthy food and prepare it at home? Why are package processed foods cheaper, if you doubt it, take a look at Wal-mart or any grocery store and compare the prices. Why is it that most people that are food insecure, i.e., don't have enough money to pay for food for the whole month, have the worst diet. I can answer that because pasta and high carb food is cheap and filling, even though that it's NOT good for people, and after years of eating it, causes impaired glucose tolerance, a pre diabetes. You figure in all the corn syrup products, white sugar, white flour, ect. and ect., it's NOT surprising that Americans have an epidemic with Diabetes, O.A., and obesity. We now have kids in this generation that WILL NOT live as long as their parents, we are all in this society together. We all will be paying higher health care costs, regardless if you are not on food stamps, or think that its about poor people being stupid. They are eating crappy food because it's cheap, and Food Stamps are not suppose to be the only money source for a families food. It is suppose to be a supplemental, so that a family wouldn't be food insecure. At times I am so embarrassed at my fellow Americans, what happen to empathy, is it only disgraceful when it happens to you personally, instead of someone you know of?

  9. I agree with you that people should be more respectful and understanding of those who are not as lucky as they are. Part of the problem with being poor in America is you can only afford JUNK FOOD. I have a problem with a government program that gives poor folks money to buy food and then allows them to buy pseudo-food with that free money. Twinkies, Coke and Milky-Way are NOT food!!!

  10. I wanted to add a comment about welfare, we need the government to take a long hard look at how this program is being managed. We need a major overhaul to allow this program to actually be beneficial to it's recipients, we all need help now and again. We as Americans have bowed our heads and ignored the fact that we have people who want to help themselves and others who have given up on themselves. I don't know that this program actually acknowledges the whole person, it's as if the only way we can deal with others is to compartmentalize their issue instead of taking care of the whole humanbeing.