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Our New Book!

I am excited to announce the release of a spiffy children's book about going to the doctor.  It was written by Shirley Holladay, a retired elementary school teacher, and illustrated by her daughter, Angela Holladay-Jackson.  I provided only the smallest input concerning medical matters...

This refreshing little book provides parents with an entertaining tale they can read to their child who may have a fear of going to the doctor.  Parents of children who have had to undergo a medical procedure or get a "shot in the booty" in the past will welcome this opportunity for their child to see the doctor as a friend, not a threat.

Oh Gary, Dr. Berry isn't Scary: Visiting the doctor can be a comfortable, pleasant experience.

I recommend this little book for any parent who wants to help their child over come fear of the doctor's office, and yes, perhaps even enjoy and learn from the experience.  I don't make a penny from sales of this book; I just welcome the chance to remove some of the fear I see in little eyes when confronted with the scary prospect of being "examined" and "treated" by The Doctor.


  1. You should have given me this book seven months and I wouldn't have been scared :) CONGRATS!! Hope you sell millions!! :).....Jaimi

  2. Thank you. We are giving copies to all the local libraries so Mom's can help their children shake their fear of doctors...

  3. The link isn't working!