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Making Your Own Healthy Yogurt

Here is a great video about making your own yogurt from Ms.Linda Watson.  I recommend goat's milk as it gives the yogurt a little extra kick, and is much easier to digest for most people.  This woman is all business and obviously knows the in's and out's of home yogurt production.

The yogurt you will make is healthier, fresher and costs pennies compared to dollars at China-Mart.  This is a very simple way to create what goes into your family's bodies, and save lots of money doing so; it's so easy even a doctor can do it!

After it is finished, you can add local honey, fresh berries or granola for a treat that tastes much better than the expensive, processed stuff at the store.

Try it and you'll see.  This would be a great Sunday night tradition to start with your little ones.  Then you guys can enjoy your creation for breakfast and snacks all week long.

    The Book Of Yogurt      Many Ways For Cooking Eggs   Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition - 2006

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