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Grab the Green Box!


For years, if you were trying to cut back on the calories you got from your sweetener, you had three choices; you could pick the pink box, the blue box or the yellow box.  Although they are lower in calories than plain old sugar, there have been serious questions raised concerning their safety for use in humans.  Well, there is a better alternative that will not add unwanted calories to your diet and is very safe and natural, and tastes great too.

Say hello to Stevia!  This little plant has been providing Japan with a completely natural, low-calorie sweetener for decades, while we have had to settle for the artificial chemical compounds in the yellow, blue and pink boxes sold to us by the Multi-National Corporations.  Stevia is a very easy to grow plant (I've grown it in our garden for 3 years now) that contains a natural substance that is much sweeter than cane sugar.  When you pop one of the leaves fresh off the plant into your mouth you will be surprised that one little leaf can be so incredibly sweet.  I dry mine at the end of the season and grind it up with a mortar and pestle to use in coffee and over cereal. 

Bridget and the kids don't like the looks my Stevia (light brown in color) so they buy it in the Green box.  Our local brand is Truvia and tastes just as good as home-grown, but is a more kid-pleasing shade of white.  To my knowledge there is nothing artificial or genetically-modified about Stevia and I whole-heartedly recommend it for you and your family.  You can buy your own seeds right here.  You can use the leaves for cooking, and even collect the seeds to plant next year so you will never have to buy the Pink/Blue/Yellow box ever again.

There are several Stevia cookbooks with great-tasting recipes that will really cut down on on your Carb and Sugar intake.  I have this Cookbook.

You can read the story of Stevia and its use around the world, and about the fact it was ILLEGAL in the U.S. for a number of years.  The FDA actually spoke out against this safe and natural plant for years, can you guess why?  Read the Book and find out why it was against the law to grow or sell Stevia in the United States while many other countries were enjoying the health benefits...

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