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Don't Let Your Brain Shrink!

What if I told you that there was a treatment that was medically proven to prevent your brain from shrinking?

Every day in our little clinic, I tell patients that walking a mile-a-day is the best medicine they can take.  Some look at me with doubt (those who haven't tried it yet) and some smile in knowing contentment (those who have).  Well, it seems that this daily medicine has been proven to have yet another benefit.

Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental FitnessYou see, medical science considers brain shrinkage to be one of the many bad effects of getting older.  For decades doctors have thought there was nothing that you could really do about your brain shrinking as your aged.  The bad part is, the more the brain shrinks, the more memory and other cognitive functions are affected.  A recent study in the online journal Neurology shows that walking about a mile a day actually prevents your brain from shrinking!  I just love it when the multi-billion dollar medical industry is forced to admit that there is a medicine which is free, has no co-pay, no side effects, and you doctor will never have to ask for the dreaded prior-approval (PA); Walking!  And before you say you are too old or out of shape to start walking, let me just say that the average age of the 300 people in this study was 78 years...

Even folks in their 80's can begin to stop and reverse brain shrinkage with a daily walk.  Humans are athletes their entire lives whether they know it or not; even if a person in their 80's has been completely sedentary for years, they can begin a walking program which will make their brain -- and hundreds of other body parts -- stronger on a daily basis.

Seniors Exercise DVD: Senior / Elderly Sitting Exercises DVD, Easy Sitting PILATES Strength, Rehab & Physical Therapy. Seniors Elderly Exercises DVD. This Sitting Seniors Fitness DVD is Good also for Easy Osteoporosis Exercises, Diabetes Exercises, Arthritis Exercises, Alzheimer's Exercises DVD.I have had several octogenarian patients who, even though they considered themselves a lost cause, started walking one or two laps up and down their hallway each day, some doing so with the help of a walker.  They continued to slowly and carefully increase the number of these hall-laps every few days and soon felt stronger and more energized.   Several of these folks have, over a few months time, worked their way up to walking a mile-a-day and fell better than they have in years.  There is no pill at the pharmacy that can do that!  So remember, you can always begin your training, no matter your age; today would be a great day to get started.  Just dig those old walking shoes out of the back of the closet and take off, your brain will thank you.

I can't find a good book to recommend to you on a walking program for the elderly, maybe I'll write one...


  1. I certainly believe this is evident with my Great Aunt who is 95. She walks 1+ miles a day and has a remarkable memory, probably better than most half her age..Exercise has its benefits.

  2. I think we can all think of a family member who benefits from thinking of walking as medicine, and another one who ignores it at their peril. Our job as family is to encourage those who don't to begin to...

  3. Very interesting article, the headline grabbed my attention. I combine my love of nature by taking walks in the local parks. Walking really does help one feel better all the way around, mentally and physically.

  4. Daily walking is the best medicine anyone can take.

  5. Shopping seems to be as effective: http://www.myhealthnewsdaily.com/shopping-associated-with-longer-life-1357/